Adv. Dhanashree Dunakhe

Pune, Maharashtra

Quick Summary

No. of ADR Cases:
LLM (constitution)
Services Offered:
Mediator, Lawyer, Online Dispute Resolution
Hindi, English, Marathi

Neutral Description

It a nature of any person that when the things are beyond his capacity for a moment or not as per his wish , he gets panic , he gets frustrated, he is thinking that why this is happening to me. Sometimes persons needs someone who listens them, the situation is not as per their terms, as per their wish , may be they were wrong that is why now they are in that phase .but they did not realize it that moment. They just need someone who will listen to them without being judgemental for a while. I am person who has good quality of listening without judgementing them in their situation. I always ask them to repeat the dialogue with me and check whether it was really needed in that communication and try to solve disputes with empathetic skills and bring the solution which will be a win - win situation for both of them . specially in matrimonial disputes solving the gap between both parties and try to reconnect them is very important, if it is beyond reconnection , i will try to mediate in suitable way for both the parties. A good mediator always have to try to create new relationship between parties .

Neutral Expertise

  • Domestic Relations
  • Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury and Product Liability
  • Real Estate
  • Intellectual Property
  • Workers Compensation


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