Christina Bulley


Quick Summary

No. of ADR Cases:
B.A. (Psychology and Sociology), LL.B
Services Offered:
Mediator, Lawyer, Conciliator, Online Dispute Resolution

Neutral Description

I am a legal professional with around 14 years of experience, and have worked across various legal domains. Having cross functional experience in both law firms (Wadia Ghandy & Co. and AZB & Partners) and as an in house consultant, I understand the nuances of balancing business needs with legal requirements. In my experience, more often that not parties prefer resolving disputes amicably, since this is cost effective and less time consuming, and enables parties to maintain a long term business relationship.Playing both the external counsel advisory role and the inhouse role, I understand legal compliance and the framework of the law, the need to be fair when negotiating and concluding a commercial transaction/ deal, and ensuring that both parties complete a transaction, building a partnership in the process.I have advised clients on arriving/ reaching settlements on mutually agreed terms (some even in the midst of a full blown litigation), keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the parties. Fairness, detailed study of the subject matter, careful analysis of facts and business needs, integrity, and ability to resolve issues mutually and amicably, in my view, are requisites of being a good mediator/ arbiter of disputes, and I believe I possess these skills. I would therefore be pleased if I could be considered for this role.

Neutral Expertise

  • Real Estate


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