Kunal Phatangare


Quick Summary

No. of ADR Cases:
G.I.P. / LL.M./ B.S.L. LL.B.
Services Offered:
Mediator, Mediation Consultant, Lawyer, Conciliator, Online Dispute Resolution
Hindi, English, Marathi

Neutral Description

I am a certified mediator and have been trained in commercial mediation and negotiation by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs. Understanding the economics of the business and the time value of money are some of the most critical aspects of resolving disputes. Further, it is also essential to actively listen to the parties and identify their genuine underlying interest to resolve their disputes. The approach towards a particular dispute depends upon the existing relationship between the parties. Where parties to the dispute are understanding, and in a position to listen to each other's grievance, a facilitative approach is advantageous. While, if the parties cannot stand the sight of each other, the use of evaluative and transformative techniques in a caucus is promising before the parties are brought together to negotiate a settlement.

Neutral Expertise

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business and Contract Disputes
  • Debtor/Creditor
  • Personal Injury and Product Liability
  • Intellectual Property


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