Mukesh Sharma


Quick Summary

No. of ADR Cases:
B.A., LL.B.
Services Offered:
Mediator, Mediation Trainer, Mediation Consultant, Arbitrator, Lawyer, Conciliator, Online Dispute Resolution
Hindi, English, Punjabi

Neutral Description

I consider that I have one big quality of patiently listening to the other person even if i am arguing in court, the same I think is also a primary quality of mediator, arbitrator or conciliator to understand the case at hand. Opposite to mention here that sometimes the pleadings are not specific or vague which does not make the party's case clear, so I contain that capability that i read each of my file from cover to cover, so that I get to the roots of the case & which enables me to find the faults in the cases; whereas in the present case one must ask question from the parties for giving them opportunity to for giving their respective clarifications. Other qualities such as Communication, apprising the parties about the pros & cons if the matter goes to court, understanding & helping the parties to come to a conclusion which would benefit both of them.

Neutral Expertise

  • Business and Contract Disputes
  • Construction Litigation
  • Debtor/Creditor
  • Domestic Relations
  • Family Law
  • Commercial Contractual Disputes


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