KALOOR, Kochi, Kerala

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Mediator, Arbitrator, Lawyer, Conciliator, Online Dispute Resolution
Hindi, English, Malayalam

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21 years at bar both in Honourable High Court and District Court, tribunals. But for the last four or five years courts have been referring cases to mediation centres and on all occasions I have accompanied my clients to the centre. Mostly all got settled there. But that was a turning point for me too. Usually when I win case I see smiles on my clients face. But in mediation centre after the settlement I could see the opponent of my client having a friendly talk, even on occasion I remember one party inviting us for her daughters marriage. Very small instances, but made me think that all battles need not be fought, even without fighting ,competing we can bring good results. So I am in the process of learning that skill more deeper but to hone it one needs experience also. Would like to be part of this August group. Bhaskar associate ,Kaloor ,Cochin ,Kerala .

Neutral Expertise

  • Domestic Relations
  • Family Law
  • Civil
  • 138 matters
  • motor vehicle accident claims


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