Upasana Goel


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Lawyer, Conflict Coach, Conciliator, Online Dispute Resolution
Hindi, English, Punjabi

Neutral Description

I am a practicing lawyer from last 3 years. I have handled various matters pre-dominantly matrimonial and civil disputes. During the process I have got many cases settled through mediation and conciliation. I have an understanding of reading both the parties and helping them amicably coming at a mutual settlement, benefiting both of them. I also have experience working under a Mediator of Delhi High Court. The mediator is a key figure in the role of compassionate, authentic, and responsible transmitter between and advocate for two or more parties. I have the skills to help parties communicate better and help them reasonably come to a solution.

Neutral Expertise

  • Business and Contract Disputes
  • Domestic Relations
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate


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