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Are you interested in building the future of dispute resolution in India? Are you passionate about promoting mediation, arbitration, etc and improving access to justice in India? Become a Sama Resolutionary and transform the way conflicts are resolved in India.

No one knows about ODR!

The future of dispute resolution in India is collaborative (not adversarial) and fully online (not courts). At Sama, we strongly believe that if we combine the power of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as mediation & arbitration with the magic of technology, one can do wonders to improve the abysmal state of access to justice in India. The technical term for this method is ODR- Online Dispute Resolution. The Sama ODR platform facilitates easy access to high quality ADR service providers across the country, and help people resolve disputes online-avoiding the hassles of courts and saving time, money and relationships.

In a country where 1.7 million cases are filed every month and judge to population ration is `1/3rd of the required limit, one of biggest challenges faced in India is the lack of awareness about ADR/ODR services followed by the lack of access to quality ADR providers in the country.

In order to tackle this challenge of awareness and sensitize people about innovative ODR mechanisms, we are looking for ADR enthusiasts who will be willing to champion the cause of ODR in their city and sensitize the public about the benefits of using ODR services, and improve access to justice in India.


Lead the ODR campaign in your city!

The primary responsibility of the Sama Resolutionary will be to promote the cause of ODR in their city, and their journey and progress will be tracked online:

  • Demand Generation Activities: Engage with enterprises and sensitize them on the benefits of using institutionalize ODR services such as mediation, arbitration etc.

  • Capacity Building Activities: Encourage mediators, arbitrators, lawyers, non-lawyers (CAs, Ombudsmen, homemakers etc) to explore ODR as a profession, assist in conducting ODR trainings/workshops for interested professionals,

  • Creative Activities: Give talks on ODR, organize ODR events/meetups/seminars, write about ODR (articles, papers)-basically help in creating noise about ODR in your city.


  1. The details and the scoring of the above-mentioned activities is the Resolutionaries Manual.
  2. All Sama Resolutionaries will be provided with a 2 hour orientation which covers- 1) Introduction to ODR, 2) Working of the Sama ODR Platform, 3) Sama Rules and Procedures, 4) Introduction to Demand Generation, Capacity Building and Creative Activities for ODR, and 5) Feedback on Resolutionary’s plan of action to promote ODR. This orientation will be provided over Video Conferencing call by the Sama Team.


Who can become a Sama Resolutionary? – Eligibility criteria

1) Legal professionals (Lawyers, Advocates, Arbitrators, Mediaitors, Conciliators etc)

2) Non-Legal professionals from any field

Note: Students still in school and students pursuing any undergraduate course directly after school (even after a drop year) will not be eligible to be a Sama Resolutionary.


Become the Resolutionary of the Year!*

The one who conducts the maximum ODR awareness activities will be felicitated as the “Resolutionary of the Year”, in the closing ceremony of Indian Mediation Week (IMW) in Singapore in February, 2021. The travel/accommodation of the best resolutionary to Singapore, which is considered to be the heaven of ADR in the world, will be fully sponsored by Sama. Additionally, he/she will be awarded a cash prize of 1 lakh rupees.There will be focus on skill development of Resolutionaries as they will have a chance to engage with top ODR experts of the country.

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Note (*)- Subject to terms & conditions in the Sama Resolutionary Manual