Become a Sama Neutral

In evaluating applications, Sama considers candidates’ education, experience with commercial matters, ADR training, ADR experience, references and, where appropriate, substantive experience in a given field. We strive for geographic and other diversity. All Sama neutrals are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards as set out by the governing ethical codes and rules.

Provide Dispute Resolution Services from Home

Sama, an online dispute resolution platform, providing support for conciliation, mediation and arbitration, helps companies and individuals resolve disputes quickly and effectively. Sama is recognized by Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India.

Recently, ICICI Bank has agreed to refer 10,000 matters, for online conciliation and arbitration services to the Sama Institution. Their other users include OLX, and they also handle range of civil cases ranging from family matters to payment disputes to consumer issues.

Sama is looking to empanel qualified lawyers, to works as Dispute Resolution Professionals, and handle these matters online. The remuneration will be in the range of INR 3000- INR 8000 for each case, and it takes an average of 2 hours to resolve a dispute.

More cases will be referred to a Dispute Resolution Professional (DRP) by Sama on the basis of his or her performance, and one can resolve these matters from the comfort of their house at flexible timings.

A Sama Case Manager will assist the DRP by managing logistics of a mediation/arbitration session (handle scheduling, maintaining case notes/updates).

If you are interested in providing your mediation/arbitration services to the people across the country, register with Sama today.