Sama Six Sigma (SSS) framework

The SSS framework will help you self-evaluate your present dispute resolution system. It is will further help us in understanding your existing dispute system, need for designing a new dispute system or refine options in the existing dispute system. Within 14 days of receiving these answers, Sama will provide you with a report which contains the ideal dispute resolution system suitable for your organization.

How to design effective dispute systems which meets your needs and goals?

One size fits all- never!
The dispute resolution process imposed on an institution by using boilerplate ADR/ODR clauses and procedures may permanently sour their experience with ADR, when they experience just as many, or worse, problems than they did in the courts. In fact, they may be subjected to worst of both worlds, end up spending inordinate time in court and ADR and unhappy with the lawyer/insitution that suggested ADR. It is imperative that you as either as a lawyer or general counsel or other executive etc take a proactive role in tailoring a dispute resolution process to the specific needs and goals of your organization.

How can you design an effective dispute resolution which meets all the requirements of your organization? The Sama Six Sigma​ (SSS) framework will help you! This SSS framework focuses on six key elements: what are the goals that motivate the system? What is the system’s structure in terms of its process options and incentives for use? Who are the stakeholders of the system? What is the organization context and culture? How is the system supported in terms of financial and personnel resources? How successful and accountable is the system?